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NYPL Connect: A Time for Discussion, Unity & Healing

A message from NYPL President Tony Marx, plus conversations with Jiayang Fan, Gina Belafonte, Martha S. Jones, Rashad Robinson, Valarie Kaur, Amber Ruffin, and more.

Voices in Hip Hop: A Booklist

These books, written by legendary voices from the hip hop world, are a must for any hip hop head—old or new—or any fan of music in general.

Kids Books to Learn About Thailand

With breathtaking landscapes and unique culture, Thailand is considered the heartland of Southeast Asia.

NYPL Researcher Spotlight: Tatjana Bergelt

Her advice to potential researchers: "Do not be scared off by the magnificence of this institution...a library is only as important as its potential readers."

"Reflections on Transformative Justice" Discussion Recap & Book List

Listen to a conversation about transformative justice with Ro Garrido, Nadja E. Guyot, and Simone Sobers and check out these suggested books and zines for anyone interested in learning more.

Can't Beat 'Em? Join 'Em: A Booklist for Parents of Young Gamers

These books feature popular video games that may be of interest to your young gamer at least long enough for a little screen break. They may also help you better understand what your kids are so into and why.

NYPL Researcher Spotlight: Flavie Épié

She is a PhD candidate in English studies at Université Bordeaux-Montaigne and Universiteit Antwerpen. Her research addresses collaborative translation processes, with a specific focus on the French translations of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Tradición del Día de Reyes

Cuando era niña Santa Claus no venía a mi casa… pero esta no es una historia triste porque quienes nos visitaban eran los Tres Reyes Magos. Por lo general tampoco teníamos un árbol de navidad en mi casa aunque esa no era la norma en las otras casas de mi vecindario. A mí no me molestaba que no  tuviéramos un árbol de navidad porque en mi casa los Reyes Magos no lo necesitaban. Ellos solo necesitaban agua y yerbita para los camellos ya que les  esperaba un largo viaje de regreso a las  tierras de oriente de donde habían  venido. Siempre me 

The Fascinating & Gruesome History of Medicine: A Short Book List

Explore the birth of germ theory, the ascent of forensic science, the evolution of two New York locales (Manhattan's Bellevue Hospital and Roosevelt Island), and some cures that turned out to be worse than the disease.

New Year, Same Us (Yay!), Ep. 182

An hour of musical theater references, interesting books, and great conversation!

Rare Photos of Tito Guízar Invite Further Research

Guízar was one of the first to bring Mexican music to New York and later paved the way for Mexican performers in Hollywood.

Books, Movies and Music for Fans of Cobra Kai

If you've already sped through the recently-released third season of this hit show, here are some related titles that might interest you as you wait for the next one.

Beyond the Season: Holiday Movies That Are Always Good

I always get a little sad when the marathon of Hallmark holiday movies disappears from my screen. These films—a mixture of holiday humor, horror and drama—will keep the holidays alive long after the season is over.

Children's Fantasy Novels Set in New York City

These books are set in a variety of otherworldly New Yorks imagined by fourteen talented authors. NYC fans of the fantastical will enjoy these adventures set in their home town.

Novedades de enero 2021 para niñas y niños: conocimientos y cuentos valiosos para un Año Nuevo exitoso

Una breve lista selectiva de títulos en formato electrónico que responden a una variedad de preguntas interesantes e historias que enseñan valores importantes para ayudar a forjar niños y niñas felices y brillantes.

Looking Back at Fiscal Year 2020 at The Library for the Performing Arts

You're invited to look through our Annual Report and celebrate with us some of the things we accomplished this past year.

What Are You Reading? Matt Ruff Edition

Find out what the author of 'Lovecraft Country' has been reading as well as what books have inspired him and his own writing.

NYPL Connect: Start a New Chapter with the Library in 2021

Discover Story Line, our new dial-a-story service, attend the Schomburg's 2021 Black Comic Book Festival virtually, download January's Get Lit book club pick, and more!

Virtual Citizenship Study Groups at NYPL

Are you studying to become a US citizen? Join us online for interactive weekly study groups.

New Year, New Mindset: Books to Promote Positive Thinking

These feel-good books can help you start the new year with an uplifting attitude.