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Leigh Hunt at the Library: A Birthday Evaluation

Happy 235th Birthday to English poet, journalist, and literary critic Leigh Hunt, born this day in 1784. Though not often remembered for his own writings, Hunt had a major influence on British literature of the 19th century.

Celebrate Health Literacy Month: Be Your Own Healthcare Advocate

Understanding and managing our healthcare system can feel overwhelming. With appointments, medical information, and insurance and billing issues, there are a myriad of concerns to consider. Having an healthcare advocate, or becoming your own healthcare advocate, can be a tremendous help.

Q&A with Robert Christgau, Critic and Author of Book Reports

He's written for a staggering list of publications and outlets, from The Village Voice and NPR to Creem, Blender, and Playboy. Rock critic Robert Christgau spoke with us to preview his upcoming NYPL author talk later in 2019.

NYPL Researcher Spotlight: Alicia Cheng

This profile is part of a series of interviews chronicling the experiences of researchers who use The New York Public Library's collections for the development of their work.

Cuckoo for Overdue: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 151

Third time's the charm! Gwen and Frank join the fine folks from the Overdue podcast to discuss Ken Kesey's 1962 novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

NYPL Events: What's Happening 10/15–10/28

With 92 locations across New York City, there's a lot going on at the Library!

12 Authors and Their TED Talks

Ever wondered if your favorite author has a TED Talk? In honor of the #TEDReads initiative and National Book Month, check out these twelve authors who have given TED Talks.

Can't Get Enough Urban Fiction? Try These 20 Books.

Because of the genre's fast pace and compulsive readability, many readers burn through urban fiction at a breakneck speed—meaning libraries are left with empty shelves and readers have to search other sections for books that have a similar subject matter, pace, and tone.

Welcoming Recent Guests and Receiving Gifts at NYPL

In recent weeks, NYPL has hosted a number of distinguished guests from Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland, and received generous gifts for our collections.

Q&A with Eric K. Washington, Author of Boss of the Grips

The author reveals his inspiration and research process in chronicling the African American workforce that kept Grand Central Terminal moving for roughly half the 20th century.

A Short List of Comics and Graphic Novels for Music Lovers

If you like the Beatles, Johnny Cash, The Ramones and other notable bands and musical artists, we have comic recommendations for you!

Новинки - Октябрь 2019 - Новые русские названия - New Russian Language Titles

The latest Russian books now available at NYPL include works from Yuri Polyakov, Vladimir Nabokov, and former prime minister Evgeni Primakov.

Nouveautés - Octobre 2019 - Suggestions de lecture - New French Books

Discover the newest French-language recommendations, including titles from Margaret Atwood and Barbara Taylor Bradford.

新书 - 10 月 2019 - 本月推荐好书 - New Chinese Language Titles

The latest Chinese titles at NYPL include Gossip Shanghai and the thriller, Crime.

Check Out the National Book Award Finalists for 2019

It's October, and everyone knows what that means... time for the National Book Awards! This morning, the National Book Foundation announced this year's finalists in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translated literature, and young people's literature.

Q&A with Journalist Anna Merlan, Author of Republic of Lies

Meet the author who's spent time within the subcultures of U.S. conspiracy, from the UFO research community and New Age conferences, to the anti-vaccine world and white supremacist rallies.

Fall Staff Picks for Kids

Just as leaves turn in the fall, so do The New York Public Library’s Staff Picks, offering a new harvest of books our expert librarians recommend for kids of all ages.

The Black Feminist Project at the Bronx Library Center

On September 14, the Bronx Library Center hosted Not Just Talk: Black Womxn Matter, an event that treated NYPL patrons to stimulating discussion on the state of feminism in 21st century United States. Here are the day's details.

Novedades de Octubre 2019: Romance, suspenso y acción

Una breve lista selectiva de nuevas obras de romance, suspenso, y acción.

Cozy Intellectualism and/or Baby Marginalia: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 150

We all love libraries, but what books do you just NEED to own? Frank coins a new genre, Gwen falls for a book about mistakes, and they both share some deep thoughts about the Oxford comma.