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Read the 2018 National Book Award Finalists (and Winners!)

Today the National Book Foundation announced the 2018 National Book Award Finalists for fiction, nonfiction, young people's literature, poetry, and translated literature. Explore the list of finalists, and check out the titles from The New York Public Library.

A Morning with the 2018 National Book Awards Finalists

On the morning of the National Book Awards, we sat down with some of the finalists to ask them questions about books they have read a million times, which NYPL lion they identify with the most, and more.

Hip, Hip, Hooray for National Princess Day! Chapter Book Edition

Celebrate your own princesses-in-training on November 18, with our selection of books about kind, confident, brave, true young princesses!

Pop-Culture Storytime (with Garfield): The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 117

What makes a good story time? Anthony Murisco, youth librarian extraordinaire, joins Frank and Gwen to talk all things kids and books. Plus: everyone's favorite lazy cartoon cat, a true stumper of a guessing game, and a flurry of pop-culture recommendations.

In Memory of Stan Lee: Books, Comic Books, and Movies

As the world mourns the loss of this cultural icon and legend, we look back at the illustrious career and amazing superheroes of Stan Lee.

Second Annual East Village Arts Festival at Tompkins Square Library

[[{"fid":"330684","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{"height":"375","width":"250","style":"float:left","class":"media-element file-default"}}]]The New York Public Library's second annual East Village Arts Festival will kick off on Saturday, December 1, and run through December 15. Throughout those two weeks, there will be all kinds of performances, workshops, displays by local artists, and visits from local organizations. We are also 

Commemorating the Centenary of the End of World War I: Remarks on War by a Forgotten Songwriter

Blanche Merrill was the writer and creator of humorous songs for Fanny Brice and other vaudeville-era stars. But the archives reveal a powerful, somber work from this lyricist.

NYPL Events: What's Happening 11/13–11/26

With 92 locations across New York City, there's a lot going on! We're highlighting some of our events here, including author talks, free classes, community art shows, performances, concerts, and exhibitions.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Upcoming Workshops

With National Novel Writing Month upon us, take a look at some upcoming writing workshops to help you get inspired.

Still Miss Harry Potter? Here Are 14 Books That Might Help.

It’s been more than a decade since the last Harry Potter book was released in the United States.

Related properties have tried to fill the void—the publication and stage production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the Hogwarts Mystery game, the

DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room: Spotlight on the Collectibles collection

From pens to baseball cards to doorknobs(!), there's a collectible out there for just about everyone. Check out this selection of archived magazines dedicated to collectors of all kinds.

Susan Orlean's Ode to Libraries, Ep. 240

Thirty years after a fire destroyed 400,000 books at the Los Angeles Public Library, journalist Susan Orlean re-examines the tragedy in "The Library Book."

Novedades de Noviembre 2018: Celebrando el Día de Acción de Gracias, leyendo aquí ¡o tal vez en otras galaxias!

Esta breve lista selectiva de libros recientes ofrece un popurrí de temas de espiritualidad y autoayuda, con otros entretenidos de ciencia ficción para disfrutar de la temporada del Día de Acción de Gracias leyendo aquí ¡o quizás en otras galaxias!

Job and Employment Links for the Week of November 11

Learn about the Department of Labor's National Apprenticeship Week, BBB bilingual services opportunities, the Individual Training Grant, healthcare career opportunities, and more.

BiblioSmiles: The Librarian Is In Podcast, Ep. 116

A library podcast about a book about libraries? Sign us up! Frank goes meta this week with an in-depth review of Susan Orlean's new page-turner, and Gwen sees an author of children's classics in a new light.

29 Years From the Fall: KGB and Cold War Reads

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, effectively and symbolically ending the Cold War. Twenty-nine years later, we're still making sense of the decades of fear and east-west divisions. One need only watch FX's The Americans to see that the Cold War is still alive and well in the American imagination. As we look back at The Fall, here are the books we'll be reading.

A Road to Peace and Freedom: An Interview with Robert Zecker

An Election Day special from the NYPL Manuscripts and Archives Division: A look into the historic International Workers Order and their efforts during the 1930s to 1950s. Take a look.

Booktalking "The Power of Negative Thinking" and "I Got This"

Get inside the minds of two superior members of the sports world - basketball coach Bob Knight and Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez - in this pair of autobiographies.

Celebrating the Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2018

This award—given jointly by The New York Public Library and The New York Times—honors the unimaginably talented illustrators who give kids yet another reason to love reading. We couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration or more proud of this list of gorgeous picture books.

A Marathoner's Playlist: E-Audiobooks for Runners

What keeps a marathon runner going during the grueling hours of training? For this "run-brarian", it's been audiobooks. And now, with the NYC Marathon around the corner, she's sharing her favorites.